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Familymart Promotion - Pokémon

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Get ready to embark on a Pokémon adventure!

For a limited time only, immerse yourself in the Pokémon world with our special offerings! 🌟

🍔 Savour on Bulbasaur Avocado & Passion Pine drinks, Poké Ball macarons, Butterscotch cupcakes, and more.

🧡 Collect them all – the special pouch, tote bag, and lunch box!

🎁 Catch the Pokémon-themed packaging when you grab in-store Sofuto, drinks, Oden* and hot snacks*.

🤩 Plus, stay tuned for our announcement on the Pikachu meet and greet at selected stores! ⚡

Don't miss the party – it's time to collect them ALL! 🎉✨ Remember to share your Pokémon haul with us using #CollectThemALLAtFamilyMart

#FamilyMartMY #Pokémon

*Promo is until 2 Apr 2024 at all in-store purchases except IOI City Mall, Mid Valley L3, KLIA 2, KLCC, and Genting, promo and special packaging are not applicable for online orders.

*Special Pokémon Oden bowl comes with the purchase of 6 Oden ingredients and above. Special Skewer Box, and Fryer Bag comes with the purchase of any 2 hot snack items.

*Pricing applies to all in-store purchases except for KLIA2, Genting, KLCC, and online orders too.

*Items are limited, subject to store availability, and available while stocks last.

Familymart Promotion - Pokémon